OpenIntelligence – Business Intelligence Suite

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of making better decisions through the use of people, processes, data and related tools and methodologies. Organisations of all types and sizes need to effectivly manage business performance and continue to improve decision making accuracy and speed to maintain and gain competitive advantage.

Currently, most organizations do not have the information they need to manage and drive the performance of its key objectives. More time is spent finding, data instead of analyzing and reporting it. Most enterprises do not have a consistent platform across all services and locations upon which to measure and manage key metrics.

Key metrics [KPI’s] at all levels monitor how the enterprise and its business units are performing against strategy. KPI’s are derived from analytical models developed to measure the impact of financial and operational decisions on overall strategy achievement.

Businesses are struggling with the challenges of:

  • External Forces – Shareholder, Competition, Compliance, Public Scrutiny
  • Internal Forces – Cost, Innovation, Adapability, Shared Services, Efficiency
  • Goal Focus – Continuous Improvement, Faster Adaption, Business Alignment, Balanced Performance, Corporate Focus
  • Execution – Many data silos, What actions to take, Too much information, Priorities
  • Complexity – Annual Review Process, Govt Filings, IFRS, Market Updates, Budgets & Forecasts, Unplanned Obstacles, Rewards, Organisational Restructure, Information Systems, Matrix Management, Corporate Performance, Strategy Maps & Scorecards, Dashboards

The heavy license costs of traditional BI solutions has restricted the adoption of BI in many small and meduim enterprises – Open Source breaks through this economic barrier opening access to the information and intelligence buried in the data.

Adaxa’s OpenIntelligence takes best in class, secure, industry-grade, Open Source products and combines them to provide a complete Open Source Business Intelligence solution. SpagoBI, Mondrian, Jpivot, Birt and Talend – create a combination that has all the features and  functionality of proprietary BI solutions without the heavy cost overhead of license fees.

The OpenIntelligence Suite provides:

  • Structured Reports
  • Multidimensional Reports
  • OLAP Cubes
  • Charting,
  • user defined KPI’s, dashboards
  • interactive cockpits, ad hoc reporting
  • geographical analysis
  • data mining
  • ability to mine, slice and dice and display information in a web browser
  • incorporation of outputs from the major report and graphing engines
  • extraction, transformation and loading data from external (and internal) systems


Business Intelligence, when properly implemented and used, delivers:

  • Alignment of an organisation around a consistent set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics
  • Quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Simplified graphical presentation of KPIs and metrics
  • Reliable presentation of information (‘One version of the truth’)
  • Combination of multiple data sources (ERP, CRM, Spreadsheets, Budgets…)
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information