Document Management

As more unstructured content is used in organisations there is a greater need to capture, store, manage, integrate and deliver all forms of content across a business. The Adaxa Suite integrates the eXo Document Management System to store both structured and unstructured content and access it from within the DMS or the ERP system.

What documents are stored?

An organization creates many different types of documents using many different systems. These documents are usually difficult to locate and even where an organization has implemented a document management system it is unlikely that it will contain operational documents which are created in the ERP system, emails which are typically stored in the email files of individual staff members or telephone conversations. The Adaxa Suite solves this issue so that the document management system can act as a repository of all documents. In summary the documents that are stored are as follows:



  • documents created in the ERP system (e.g. quotations, orders, delivery dockets, invoices, remittance advices)
  • attachments to records in the ERP system (e.g. customer purchase orders
  • telephone conversations which the user has chosen to record and relate to ERP actions
  • emails
  • manually created documents


How are documents accessed?

It is one thing to store information in a document management system but unless it is indexed in a way that makes it readily available it is of little value. One of the most appropriate indexing systems available to an organization is the one provided by their ERP system. Operational documents are almost certainly indexed by customer, vendor, product and each of those entities are in turn indexed into a variety of customer/product categories. For example a sales invoice can automatically be retrieved by customer, product(s) and a variety of other attributes, none of which have to be entered by the user for it to have a rich set of metadata for searching.


Documents can be found as follows:


  • right click on any data field in the ERP system and a list of documents that contain the text in the data field will be displayed
  • use the full search facilities available in the eXo document management system