EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.
EDI is the structured exchange of data between organisations. EDI eliminates additional data entry found with faxed or emailed orders and ensures accuracy as orders are sent and received electronically. Product and pricing information is accessed real-time and long delays in processing orders and invoices is avoided. Interchange of documents from both trading partners is facilitated and costs kept at a minimum.

However often the ERP system or FMIS does not support EDI and a third party provider is required to create and manage the EDI data exchange, this can be costly and difficult to manage over time. Adaxa Suite’s EDI interface eliminates the need for a third party provider as is part of the ADempiere framework.

While each EDI interface is unique to the trading partner, Adaxa is able to rapidly create new interfaces as they are required and/or leverage EDI interfaces that have already been created.
This swift customisation is possible because frame work of the EDI communications is within the Adaxa suite.
EDI interfaces have already been developed for major trading partners such as:

Bunnings Australia and New Zealand
Home Shopping Network