Mobile access

The ADempiere ERP & CRM component of Adaxa suite is accessible via the majority of smart phone devices and tablets. From the executive to the sales person, warehouse manager to technicians in the field, the full ERP & CRM functionality of the Adaxa Suite is now available to the mobile worker at a fraction of the cost of traditional ERP solutions.

With the ADempiere Phone UI Adaxa has extended access and functionality of the ERP & CRM system to company staff where it is needed. Sales people can access invoices and client notes in real time, personnel in the field will have access to the data they need and be able to update it in real time saving the costly errors and duplications that come from paper systems.  With the addition of bluetooth barcode readers to the phone or tablet inventory can be updated directly into the ERP system saving time and cost and improving accuracy.

The Mobile UI leverages the standard ADempiere application framework to provide a user-configurable interface which may be as simple or complex as desired.