Running Adempiere on Tomcat (Experimental only!!!!)



We have only tested against an adaxa internal build 1.03  (code in the Adaxa branch on Sourceforge).  We expect that it should work against Adempiere 3.60 and 3.70 but we have not tested. If  you wish test against the Adaxa 1.03 build then it can be downloaded from here.  Datebase for Adaxa 1.03 can be downloaded from here.


  1. Download attached file and save in adempiere home directory
  2. extract
  3. if new install, to do initial configuration
  4. edit
  5. change ADEMPIERE_APPS_TYPE=tomcat
  6. add ADEMPIERE_TOMCAT_DEPLOY={ADEMPIERE_HOME}/tomcat/webapps (substituting appropriate value for {ADEMPIERE_HOME}
  8. run ADEMPIERE_HOME/tomcat/bin/ to start tomcat (or to shutdown)

Adempiere ZK interface will be available at url http://localhost:8080/adempiere

Adempiere monitor application at url http://localhost:8080/adempiere/adempiereMonitor

Adempiere home page at url (with link for webstart) http://localhost:8080/adempiere/adempiere.html
(note other links on that page are broken)

Post Installation

  • Set Server Email under Client window to FALSE
  • Enable Client side accounting engine in System Configurator with CLIENT_ACCOUNTING=’I’.
  • Make sure all Report & Process entries are Server Process = FALSE

*Note:  WebStore, Mobile UI, and old html UI are not deployed.  Webstart client will download and run, but database connection must be manually configured.

We repeat: this is provided for experimental purposes. It is not production code.