4. Specific Functionality

Manufacturing Light

This document details the Manufacturing Light module developed by Adaxa to extend ADempiere to meet the needs of manufacturing organisations that do not have the present need, or perhaps capability, to implement a full MRP2 compliant production system but need to manage their manufacturing capabilities.


This document introduces the eGility platform that has been developed by Adaxa to enable small & large businesses alike to run single or multiple webstores with an integrated fully functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With the power of ADempiere and Drupal you have access to a sophisticated which includes Supply Chain Management, Financial Management and Reporting, Customer Relationship Management and much more with an easy to use and custom branded web store.

ADempiere Mobile Application

This guide details the Mobile Application designed and developed by Adaxa for easy access to ADempiere ERP and CRM data from an iPhone or Android mobile device.

Automated Freight Calculations

The purpose of this document is to describe to describe the Automated Freight Calculation module developed by Adaxa to extend Adempiere’s standard freight handling functionality. This extension to ADempiere seeks to provide richer functionality and to allow freight to be automatically calculated and added to a Sales Order without user intervention. There are many charging algorithms used by freight companies and there will certainly be charging methods which are not addressed by this new functionality, however this additional functionality provides greater flexibility in enabling the automatic calculation of freight charges and can be further enhanced in subsequent release of the software.

Case Study – A Complex Distribution System Using Open Source Technology

This Case Study documents how Adaxa customised ADempiere to provide complex and specific functionality for an Australian based medical products distribution company. Specific functionality requirements were:

  1. Replacement of the ADempiere webstore with an open source content management system called Drupal, including a modified version of Ubercart, and its real time integration with ADempiere
  2. Integration of the client’s supply chain with the warehousing systems of a third party logistics provider
  3. Ffunctional requirements of a sixty person call centre and the integration of an Asterisk soft PABX with ADempiere
  4. Replacement of the client’s internal ‘issues management’ system with ADempiere Request functionality
  5. Migration of large volumes of data from the existing ERP system
  6. Management of complex relationships between Business Partners

Bunnings EDI

An Adaxa client has Bunnings as a major customer. Bunnings require that orders and invoices be processed via their EDI gateway. This HowTo guide is the documentation for the system built to assist the Adaxa client to transact with Bunnings from within the client’s Adempiere ERP&CRM system. The Adempiere system has native EDI functionality which was more developed around the USA based ANSI ASC X12 however the Bunning’s implementation used the UN/EDIFACT standard. Significant extensions to the native Adempiere functionality were required for the system to work effectively. There were also gaps in the
basic Adempiere functionality relating to Functional Acknowledgements which were addressed. The system has been in use for over a year and has worked reliably during that time.