Fast implementation in a make-to-order process manufacturing operation

The business had previously been a division of a large multi-national company that had deployed the BPCS ERP system on IBM hardware. When the division was acquired by our client they had twenty working days to transfer data from BPCS and implement a new system. With two legal entities, four manufacturing sites and more than two hundred staff this provided a significant challenge.

Sub systems covered

  • Accounting and distribution
  • Component and Sub-assembly inventory management
  • Finished Goods management
  • Costing
  • Product formulation
  • Base Product reporting
  • Supplier Price list management
  • Manufacturing Alternative formulation


The implementation of the new system had to take over from the current accounting system and then absorb the other roles and do that within 20 working days.

Most important of them was management of Customer Price lists – which changed to follow competitor activity, new products and seasonal response.

Change Management

Very few spare hands to assist with the installation of the new system.


The solution included a number of the components of Adaxa Suite.

Adaxa installed and converted all the data from their existing accounting system, BPCS, into the replacement ERP system and extended the functionality to provide for the integration of a number of existing external systems.

Services Provided

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Accounting assistance
  • Modification to the user interface
  • Development of custom reports
  • Implementation and end-user training


The system was delivered within the specified time frame and the client was able to operate the essential business processes to enable them to continue to operate their business effectively. The benefits achieved were:

  • Lower acquisition and operational costs than using proprietary software
  • Lower costs associated with in-house enhancements compared with waiting for subsequent software releases
  • Better control over functional areas
  • Centralised financial operations and transactional records