Franchise Control Systems adopts ADempiere to manage its rapidly growing list of franchisees

Franchise Control Systems (FCS) operate a business that distributes various products through a network of franchisees. All products sold by the franchisees are sourced from the franchisor. The system performs the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requirements for both the franchisor and the franchisee.

The business was expanding rapidly both in terms of the types franchises operated and also in the countries and languages in which it operated.

FCS was an existing user of Compiere when ADAXA became involved with their needs and various minor modifications and improvements were performed over some months. FCS decided that modifications and improvements required in the drop-shipment capability were significant and that it would therefore be worthwhile to migrate from Compiere to ADempiere in the process of developing the drop-ship functional improvements.

ADAXA designed and implemented the improvements in drop-ship functionality and developed some extensions to the counter documents functionality that automated the sales and supply processes between the customer, the franchisee, the franchisor and the externally owned/managed warehouse. FCS contributed the enhancements back to the ADempiere community for incorporation into the core product.

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FCS operates a multi-national business which has to satisfy the requirements of its franchisees no matter where they are located. This led to a number of challenges as follows:

  • The system needed to allow the operator to work in the language of their choice whilst producing documents in the recipients language of choice
  • Franchisees needed to be able to view their own data whilst the franchisor needed to be able to view the total operations
  • The system needed to accommodate the possibility of explosive growth and change of system focus due to planned expansion
  • The sales and supply processes between the customer, the franchisee and the franchisor needed to be automated to the fullst extent possible
  • Integration with externally owned warehouse(s) to effect deliveries on behalf of the franchisor
  • Enable franchisees to operate their own webstore that is fully integrated with the franchisor’s systems


ADAXA offered a solution to migrate the Client’s current ERP system from Compiere to ADempiere and to extend the system to incorporate the Client’s broader functional requirements as described above.

Services Provided by ADAXA

  • Data migration from Compiere to ADempiere
  • Functional customizations to automate the franchisee/franchisor interaction based on the ADempiere counter document functionality
  • Ongoing support


FCS was able to expand its business into non English speaking parts of the world and provide its franchisees with improved customer service by offering improvements in operational efficiencies.

  • Integration of processes linking sale and supply transactions throughout the end user/franchisee/franchisor transaction train
  • Removed the vendor lock-in to Compiere’s data migration processes by implementing ADempiere
  • Reduction in operational costs by using the web client functionality without having to purchase a Compiere proprietary software licence