VOIP Service Provider converts from Compiere to ADempiere Open Source ERP to eliminate costly licence fees and gain improved functionality

IP Systems operates a business providing VOIP services and distributing various related products. They have complex data capture requirements relating to the usage of the VOIP system. This data is required to generate sales transactions in the ERP system that handles all financial functions for the client. The business is expanding rapidly.

IP Systems required a system that:

  • Had the ability to be modified and extended to allow the client’s core metering systems to be integrated with the ERP system
  • Demonstrated substantial improvements in the speed of financial reporting
  • Used a fully open source technology stack that eliminated their concerns about vendor lock-in

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IP Systems has been a long-term user of Compiere and Oracle XE but had decided to migrate to Postgres because this database is now in general use in the organisation for other core business processes.

The client migrated from Compiere to ADempiere to allow for use of standard Postgres (rather than the proprietary Enterprise DB version of Postgres) and also because of concerns about Compiere’s increasing use of proprietary style licences and reduced emphasis on open source.


  • Migration of data structures from Compiere to ADempiere
  • Migrating data from Oracle XE to Postgres
  • Financial Reporting customisations in ADempiere


ADAXA was able to demonstrate that it had the expertise to migrate the Client’s ERP system from Compiere, using Oracle XE, to ADempiere, using Postgres, and make consequential improvements in the speed of financial reporting.

Services Provided by ADAXA:

  • Data migration from Compiere to Adempiere
  • Data migration from Oracle XE to Postgres
  • Financial reporting improvements


The successful conversion of a long standing Compiere user to ADempiere provided significant performance improvements and the move to a complete open source product set with the consequent elimination of vendor lock-in.

  • Conversion of core financials to the company’s preferred database technology
  • Removed vendor lock-in to Compiere support agreement and data migration processes by implementing Adempiere
  • Ability to use web client functionality without having to purchase a Compiere proprietary software licence
  • Ability to migrate to later versions of the ERP software without requirement to have a paid support agreement with Compiere Inc.