2. Configuration

Adaxa Implementation Methodology

This document details the Adaxa approach to System Implementation and management of complex projects using SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-Bound) to ensure that a project’s strategic objectives and functional requirements are thoroughly planned, managed and realised in production.

HowTo Implementation Methodology – Version 2017-12

Adding User Accounts

This document covers the procedures for adding user accounts to ADempiere, allocate one or many Roles to the user account, password management and how the new user can login to the system and selecting a role based on their credentials. Also shown is the Window that needs to be maintained by the System Administrator so that ADempiere can connect to an organisation’s email system so ADempiere users can send email from within the application.

HowTo – Add Users 2013

Bare Metal Install of Adaxa Suite

This guide documents the procedure for setting up the Adaxa Suite ‘Bare Metal’ demonstration installation including hardware requirements, operating system configuration and virtual machine setup. Please note Adaxa markets the ‘Adaxa Appliance’ which is a pre-configured hardware platform suitable for proof of concept/ boardroom pilot testing.

Howto Bare Metal Installation of Adaxa Suite

Counter Documents Configuration

This HowTo guide introduces the ADempiere concept of Counter Documents with a detailed worked example. Counter Documents streamline the generation of pre-defined document types between organisations within the ADempeire client.

HowTo – Configure Counter Documents

Standard Costing

This document details the Standard Costing methodology in ADempiere using a worked example of a business with fast moving inventory.

How to- Standard Costing

UOM Conversion

This document explains how Unit of Measure (UOM) conversions are configured in ADempiere.

HowTo – UOMconversion2

Data File Importing In ADempiere

This HowTo Guide shows the standard data import process used in the ADempiere system typically for loading data prior to go-live and also for importing items such as Orders and Invoices from other external data sources. As an example of the import process, the document shows the matters to be considered in importing Product data.

HowTo – Data File Importing in Adempiere

Import Currency Rates

This spreadsheet template defines how to setup data for importing into ADempiere for maintaining currency exchange rates.

HowTo – Import Currency Cross Rates

Import GL Journals

This spreadsheet details the method for setting up the Import Loader Format for importing GL Journals into ADempiere.

HowTo – Import GL Journals

Ad-hoc Data Importation

This document details the usage of the additional importers and shows step-by-step the process to load data into ADempiere tables using Adaxa’s generic data import functionality.

HowTo – Ad-hoc Data Importer